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Beard Grooming Christmas Gift Guide

Beard Grooming Christmas Gift Guide

When it comes to Christmas, buying the best gifts can be difficult, especially when it comes to buying for men. Whether it is your boyfriend, husband, son, brother, or a friend we all have one guy in our lives who is almost impossible to buy for. However, for these seemingly impossible-to-buy for men there is an easy solution – their beard. If a man has a beard, then we have the gift for him and if he doesn’t we have what he needs to keep it that way – incredible shaving sets. Whether he is typically easy to buy for or notoriously difficult his beard is the way to his heart.

Here is a selection of the best Christmas gift options:


Deluxe Beard Gift Set

The deluxe beard gift set is complete with everything to keep his beard and moustache in order. The set includes a bottle of beard oil to keep his beard soft and the skin underneath healthy so that he can wear his beard in comfort. There is also beard balm which will help him tame his frizz and help him style with ease. The moustache wax will let him complete his look. All three come in a scent of your choice – choose from mango, dark pepper, vanilla and tobacconist, or sawmill.

This set is completed with beard comb and scissors which will take his beard grooming to the next level.


Luxury Shave Set

As the name suggests this set is designed to provide a luxurious shave. With the option of three razors; a wooden handle cut throat razor, a safety razor, or a Mach 3 you can tailor the luxury shave set to the preferences of the man you are gifting it to. If you decide upon a cut throat razor or safety razor your set will also include a pack of Wilkinson sword blades so that they can have a better shave for longer. Atop of an incredible razor the set also includes Sandalwood shave cream and a shave brush for an exceptionally comfortable shave.

The entire set comes in an aged buffalo leather washbag which exudes the same luxury as the rest of the set.


Traditional Shave Set

The traditional shave set is the perfect Christmas gift for any man. Composed of three elements; a razor, a matching shaving brush and sandalwood shaving cream. We offer the choice of three razors; a Mach 3, a safety razor, and a straight razor with a hand finished handle. The set comes in a laser etched wooden box which finalises the wonderful aesthetic found throughout all our beard and shaving gift sets.

If you are unsure which set is best for the man you are buying for you may find some guidance in our blog, alternatively if they are bearded then you could gift them a multipack of amazing beard oils or beard balms instead.

However, if your uncertainty lies with choosing his favourite scent or the right razor you could always purchase a Bedfordshire Beard Company gift card – it shows that you understand the importance of his beard and grooming routine whilst letting him make the final decision.

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