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How to Straighten Your Beard

How to Straighten Your Beard

A question we’re often asked is “How can I straighten my beard to make it look longer?”  so, we thought we’d write a guide on how best to achieve the desired outcome.  

Firstly, we should start by saying that you’ll often find that your beard looks longer after it’s had a trim.  This may seem to be counter productive, but popping to see your barber for a tidy up – nothing drastic –  will make such a difference to the over all appearance of your beard.  Having those straggly hairs at the bottom nipped up and taken in at the side will give the appearance of a nice full and healthy beard.

Your every day maintenance should include the use of an beard oil or beard balm, or both, in the morning and evening.  We recommend a beard balm for fuller, longer beards as it offers a light hold and can help with styling.  A good quality beard brush or comb should be used daily to ensure even distribution of product and to make sure that there’s nothing hiding in your beard that shouldn’t be there (the dreaded beardruff). 

If you’re not already using one, you should pick up a gentle beard wash to be used every other day when you’re in the shower. Our bestselling beard wash is SLS and paraben free, made using only the finest ingredients to ensure that your skin and facial hair isn’t stripped of any natural oils whilst gently cleansing to leave your beard nice and soft.

So now for the technique; there are no magic secrets, it’s pretty straight forward (no pun intended)

  1. In the shower shampoo your beard.  Be sure to really give a good massage and get right down to the skin beneath giving a bit of a scrub to get rid of any dead skin that’s lurking
  2. Lightly towel dry your beard being careful to squeeze out the excess water – don’t be too vigorous
  3. Use a small amount of oil, combing through to evenly disperse
  4. Using the hairdryer on the lowest setting – this is important as you don’t want to cause heat damage to the hairs – blow dry your beard in a downwards motion. You may prefer to comb through with your fingers, or use your preferred brush.  If your hairdryer has a concentrator nozzle, which would be used for blow drying straight hairstyles, then make use of it
  5. The finishing touch is to apply your favourite oil or balm and comb or brush through to evenly distribute.  What you should be left with is a perfectly styled, straight beard!

If you have any other hints or tips for a straight beard, please share with us in the comments!

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