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Facial Hair In The Workplace Truths And Myths

Facial Hair In The Workplace Truths And Myths

Although wearing a beard is fashionable and gaining more and more fans or simply a way of life for you, in some jobs it is not always well accepted. Concerns about beards at work raise a number of questions, many of which are involved in myths.

In this article we demystify these myths and explain everything you need to know about the facial hair at work.

"The use of a beard makes a man look sloppy"
Myth. The beard does not make a man look sloppy ... unless, of course, he does not take daily care to treat and maintain it. Taking care of the beard daily, using appropriate products, will always make it look well groomed. A well-groomed beard can even enhance your image as a professional! A man who takes care of his appearance is a person concerned with details and with his own personal presentation, two great qualities in a professional. Make sure you use all the best products available here.

"There are companies that prohibit facial hair at work"
Truth. Companies have rules of internal conduct, it is true that there are companies in which facial hair is prohibited. This happens in cases where they can interfere with public health issues or contribute to the existence of workplace accidents, such as in environments where there is a risk of inhalation of toxic gases. If this is the case you can get that clean shave with our shaving range.

However, the idea that all restaurants or catering jobs prohibit the use of beards at work is myth! The use of a beard in the kitchen is possible and is not a mandatory synonym of lack of hygiene. It is best to always inquire about the internal rules of conduct of the workplace in which you wish to enter or already work.

"There is one style of beard more suitable than others"
It depends. In fact it is not possible to point out a certain style of beard as "the most appropriate" for the workplace. But that does not mean that any style of beard should be suitable for the workplace. Just like clothes, the style of your beard should also be appropriate to the position it occupies and the company's image. Check out some of the different beards from our customers and ambassadors on our instagram.

"If you have a beard in your interview, you will not be hired"
Myth. Again, this question depends on the company and the position you are applying for. During the exercise of the profession it is prohibited to have facial hair? In that case, appearing in the interview with facial hair will not be an advantage. In all other cases, it is important not to forget that the beard often gives man a more mature and experienced appearance, so it can even be an advantage!

The secret to having facial hair at work lies in knowing the rules of the company and the profession. Also keep your beard looking healthy and cared for, using specific products adapted to your beard so it's harder for a potential employer to be against your facial hair.



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