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No Beard Is Perfect

No Beard Is Perfect

No beard is perfect!

Having areas where hair does not grow or become smaller is unfortunately not uncommon. In this article we will give you to know some tricks and tips to disguise the flaws in the beard and be more confident while bearded!

Trim the sides

To disguise the flaws in the beard, a good trick is to trim the sides. The fact that they are shorter than the rest of the beard will give the sensation that the centre is more filled and the faults in the beard will go unnoticed. This also keeps your beard looking neater due to the lack of stray hairs. A great tool to use is our Premium Trimming Scissors.

Follow a healthy diet

Poor diet is one of the reasons that directly contribute to beard failure. Betting on healthy eating can not only help you to be healthier and better cared for, but also to resolve possible beard failure. The consumption of nutrients and vitamins are a direct contribution to the hair to grow healthy. Many combat this with beard growth supplements which are simply multivitamins. A well rounded diet is the better way to better beard though.

Relax and rest

Stress damages not only your health but can also cause beard failure. Obviously it's not always possible, but try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night to aid recovery and proper hair regeneration. Relax and rest more in your day-to-day and do not get carried away so much by situations of stress or tension. Your beard and your health will thank you for that change of spirit!

Clean and exfoliate the skin regularly

The moisturising of the skin is essential as well as its cleansing. Bet on quality products that do not clog pores or block hair growth. Regular exfoliation also helps remove dead cells, helping the beard grow with more consistency and strength. Try to wash your beard every other day with a gentle beard wash available here.


Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes of your day to massage in your face. As strange as this trick may seem, the fact is that massage with circular movements in the face, stimulates the hair follicles, helping to have fewer bald patches in your beard!

Practice physical exercise

The practice of physical exercise allows you to not only relax and have a less sedentary lifestyle, but also stimulates the production of testosterone and helps in improving circulation. These two advantages of physical exercise are directly related to the growth of facial hair, which is an incentive to treat possible beard failure.

Visit a barber shop

If you're unhappy with your beard, visit a professional. Barbers are the real connoisseurs of beards! An experienced barber will know exactly what to do to help you achieve the right shape of beard and help you hide imperfections. Pop onto our stockist map to find a barber worthy of trimming your beard.


Many of the tips for disguising flaws in your beard are directly related to a healthier lifestyle. Eating better, doing sports, leading a less sedentary and less stressful life, all this allows you to have a happier and healthier life and consequently a healthier and stronger beard.

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