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How To Control And Shape Facial Hair - 5 Tips For Facial Hair Success

How To Control And Shape Facial Hair - 5 Tips For Facial Hair Success

Be patient

Rule one of growing a truly awesome beard is to be patient. Though the urge to start trimming and styling can be strong, resist. Give your beard around a month to 6 weeks to grow before taking a pair of beard scissors to it. This allows all the hairs to grow in evenly and lets you see what you are working with in terms of thickness and length. Start trimming and styling too early and you are in the dark about what you are dealing with and are fighting against an uneven beard as all the hairs won’t have grown in yet – this makes styling and shaping far more difficult than it needs to be.

Use Beard Oil

Embrace the beard oil. For true beard success you need to use high quality beard oil regularly. For many beard wearers this seems a no brainer, but many people are oblivious to the dramatic difference a great beard oil can make to your facial hair. Beard oil is a beard’s best friend, it moisturises your beard and hydrates the skin beneath as well as softening your beard and taming those run-away hairs.

Use the Correct Beard Drying Method

It is vital to wash your beard regularly and correctly for it to reach its maximum potential. However, what is equally important and often overlooked is how to dry your beard after said washing. Its tempting to scrub your beard dry, like you would the hair on top of your head, but this does more harm than good. This will pull out hairs and irritate the skin, sometimes causing the onset of beard rash. Ultimately it leaves your beard in a bit of a mess and overtime the damage can start to affect its overall appearance. Instead approach drying your beard by patting it dry. Patting your beard dry with a towel avoids the nasty effects of rigorously scrubbing leaving your beard healthier, rash free, and easier to control and shape. We also recommend that you use a dryer to shape and to make sure the skin underneath is fully dry.

Use A Comb to Maintain Shape

Once your beard has grown in, you can trim and style it to give it the shape you want but this doesn’t mean it will necessarily continue to grow how you want it to. Hairs will continue to grow in whichever direction best suits them without proper guidance. Using a beard comb (and only a high-quality beard comb or beard brush as other brushes can do more bad than good) brush through your beard daily. This should guide all the hairs to grow downward so that you can better control your beard and maintain your desired shape.

Choose the Right Beard

All of the above tips will help you achieve your desired beard but if the beard you are looking to achieve either doesn’t suit you or is unrealistic, then controlling and shaping your facial hair may be unnecessarily difficult. You need to listen to what your beard is telling you. As alluded to in the first tip you need to gain a sense of your beard’s natural length and thickness. From there, you need to consider your face shape and haircut. What beard is achievable and matches your other facial aesthetics? If you strive for a beard that doesn’t work cohesively with your face shape, then no matter how much shaping you do it just wont look right.


Are you ready to achieve facial hair success? Implement these five tips and make sure you browse our full Bedfordshire Beard Co. beard grooming range so that you can shape, control, and style your beard flawlessly.

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