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The Traditional Wet Shave

The Traditional Wet Shave

Taking the time out to have a traditional shave can be such an indulgence. There’s something very soothing about the masculine ritual.

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For best results, we recommend having a hot shower or using a hot towel before your shave. Next, using a pre-shave oil to nourish and protect the skin before you get started.  All of our oils are suitable for shaving, the tricky part is choosing which scent to go for.  Next on the agenda will be applying a traditional soap or shave cream with your desired shaving brush.  We like to go with a synthetic bristle (save the badgers!) to get a nice lather going and to lift and position the hairs, ready for the shave.  Using a double edged safety razor is a good place to start if you are new to the traditional shaving game; it allows for a clean shave with less chance of nicks and cuts.  For those who have a bit of experience you might prefer to go in with a straight edge razor for the ultimate close shave.  

One of the hardest things to master when first beginning to shave with a safety or straight razor is how little pressure you actually need. Because modern cartridge razors use springs in the head you are used to pressing the head of the razor onto your face. With this pressure, even with as slight pressure needed for those small springs, it can prove absolutely painful with a safety razor. With a safety razor the blade sits right on the surface of the skin so a very light hand is needed. To the beginner it will feel like you are applying no pressure at all, just rest the razor on your face and let gravity do the work.

After you finish your shave rinse off with warm water finishing with a cold water rinse. The cold water finish closes the pores and refreshes the skin. A good quality aftershave balm will also help close the pores and refresh but will also heal the skin from any damage that might have occurred. A rewarding feeling from a traditional shave will leave you feeling like a real man.

If it’s not your scene, fear not!  We have Mach Three fitment razors on the way, so you can just add the blade cartridge for convenience.  Spice up your routine with a beautify hand crafted razor to add to your collection. Coming late may 2017...


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