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BBCo // Travel Tips for your beard

BBCo // Travel Tips for your beard

Summer is finally upon us – although it doesn’t really look like it here in the UK at the moment.  If you’re planning on travelling to warmer climes over the next few weeks, we have some tips and advice for ensuring your beard remains in its best condition. 

So, what products should you take with you?  Salt water and chlorine, not to mention the sand, all really dry out your skin and strip the oils from your beard leaving it dry and itchy.  Space can be limited in your washbag when travelling, especially if you’re flying short haul, so we recommend a simple four-step solution: 

  1. Our natural SLS free Beard Wash comes in a handy 50ml travel size and will gently cleanse the nasties from your beard, leaving the skin beneath fresh and clean. You won’t have to worry about the dreaded beard dandruff if you pack this in your bag!
  2. Your favourite Beard Oil should be accompanying you were ever you go! To ensure that your skin is well moisturised, apply twice per day in the AM and PM. The tricky part will be deciding which scent to take with you; if you like to switch it up regularly, grab an Oil Multipack and take a variety of 10mls to choose from
  3. For a deep conditioning treatment, follow up from the oil with a Beard Balm. Not only will this nourish the skin and hair but will provide a much needed hold to any flyway unruly hairs.
  4. Take a beard comb with you to ensure an even distribution of product throughout the beard and to style. Our Wide Tooth comb is great for mid to long beards as the teeth are spaced out in such a way that the hairs don’t snag and pull.

 Another top tip from Tom is to blow dry your beard if you can, especially if it tends to go a bit wild after washing.  He recommends using our beard wash, gently towel drying, combing through then blow drying using the hair dryer on the lowest heat.  Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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